Acquisition Services

We customize our Acquisition Services to support your specific Buy-side or Sell-side transaction. Each plan is comprehensive, supporting all steps from Strategy Formulation through Closing the Deal. Our Detailed Marketing Plan will include your Message and supporting materials, Offering Memorandums, and Blind/Company Profiles.

With the Marketing Plan completed, we can focus on finding the best buyers or sellers that meet your predetermined requirements. After the deal is completed, we can assist with the integration process if desired. Key elements of those actions are listed below.

Customized Buy & Sell Support (Full Cycle)

  • Identify Potential Targets for Buyers/Review Offers Received for Sellers
    • We will work with you to develop a customized acquisition strategy which will provide a road map for identifying potential targets or valued buyers.
    • Identify and screen potential target companies and buyers based on your acquisition strategy.
    • Assist in determining companies worthy of an offer and the development of Letters of Intent (LOIs). Conduct thorough reviews of LOIs received by sellers.
    • Assist in valuation assessments and deal negotiations.
    • If necessary, we will work with you to deliver the required capital solution.
  • Integration Support for Buy-side Transactions
    • We will work with you to develop the guiding principles to direct the actions of the Integration Team. These Principles will provide a sense of purpose and priorities to the Team to avoid veering-off target or making poor judgments causing delays.
    • There is a lot on the line with any acquisition. Making the deal is just the beginning – the trick is making it work! One of the key elements in making it work is developing a Risk Mitigation Strategy. Thinking ahead is critical, our team of experienced executives know what to expect and can help you mitigate or eliminate major risks.
    • Depending on the size or complexity of the acquisition, multiple plans could be required – addressing areas such as:
      • Culture
      • Communications
      • Staffing & retention
      • Project management

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