Consulting Services

Pre M&A Readiness Assessments

For all Buy & Sell engagements, equity capital raises, and many of our debt facilities, we begin with our comprehensive Readiness Assessment. Our Assessment involves a detailed review of your company’s:


Customer base
Policies & Procedures

We will work with you to analyze your business, understand the drivers of market value, develop strategic growth objectives, develop a Fair Market Value for your business, and give you a sense of how your business would be viewed by prospective buyers and sellers.

We will also help you identify and assess financing options and how to restructure your business to impact your balance sheet.

When completed, we review the results with you and engage as desired, to implement internal improvements to best prepare your company for a successful transaction and/or transition.

Assembling the best Team possible is critical to a successful M&A transaction. We will help you identify the best legal counsel and financial/tax advisors to work with you throughout the Buy/Sell process.

The standard M&A Transaction Process flows through two major components –Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation. The following chart provides a brief overview of the process we would employ.

It’s not what you get that counts – It’s what you keep