For business owners contemplating acquiring or selling a business

The partners at Trident advisors in cooperation with some of the region’s leading M&A experts are initiating a monthly M&A article series.

The articles will contain information geared to help small business owners carefully think through the potential benefits of acquiring a business to accelerate growth and/or selling their current business for optimal price and terms.

In addition to providing time tested general frameworks and key considerations to aid business owners in M&A decision making, these articles will incorporate specific information provided by leading experts in small business legal issues, accounting, finance, and operations.

Some articles will also cover specialty business segments such as government contracting.

Bart Whitman, Managing Partner at Trident Advisors explains, “It is my hope and expectation that these articles will provide small business owners with relevant, actionable information to facilitate strategically sound decision making for themselves, and all of their stakeholders. Smaller businesses often lack access to quality information, advice, and guidance in the M&A arena, and believe these articles will be of value to the businesses we serve.”

Topics covered will include:

• How our buyers determine the value of your business?
• The key process steps and timeline expectations for buying or selling a business.
• What you should do to prepare your business for sale?
• When is/is not buying a business the right tool for growth?
• Govcon. Specific M&A topics with input from leading regional experts

And much more.

Additionally, specific case studies will be made available on our site for visitors to see real life examples of how others have done it.

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